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The actual pattern and border designs themselves are created from a series of individual tiles in different shapes and colours. Many of the patterns and borders in our collection are based on authentic and traditional designs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras and are part of Britain’s heritage. But that doesn't mean that these vitrified ceramic tiles cannot be used to great effect in more modern properties. We have recently added some contemporary colours to complement the traditional colours, which offers an even greater palette for producing original designs or giving some of the traditional patterns a more modern look.


Whether you are looking to introduce to some subtle colour or design to your bathroom, kitchen, utility or porch, our range of modern styles will give you what you need. Pairing a subway tile for the wall to match one of the colours in the pattern is a favourite technique of ours. If you would like more advice on colour schemes and design drop in store today to talk with our team and the see the full range.

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